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Amazon Prime's sports offering sees subscriber boost in final quarter

Amazon's Prime Video service had a successful end to its year after new data revealed that almost half of their new subscribers to their streaming services all came in the final quarter of the year.

Amazon Prime's sports offering sees subscriber boost in final quarter

In a year that forced everyone inside, streaming platforms benefited greatly in acquiring new subscriptions. Over 1.3 million new subscriptions were attributed to Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ in the UK alone. Prime alone secured 49 per cent of these subscribers, 635,000 more than their closest competitor in Netflix, who only drew 17 per cent.

It appears that the introduction of additional sports content lifted Amazon above their competitors in the 2020 market. They acquired the rights to 20 Premier League games last season, which included all of the traditional Boxing Day games and with fans not being able to attend games in person, Amazon was the only place to watch it, in turn leading to more people having to subscribe. However, it’s not just football that Prime video shows, they also have the rights to the Autumn Nations Cup, a rugby union tournament that was created as Test tours were cancelled due to COVID-19.

This growth is a build on the previous year, as it was reported that Prime Video had increased their UK subscription numbers by 35 per cent in the last quarter of 2019.

Amazon are broadening their reach, as last month they agreed a deal with Sky, making Amazon’s football content available to certain subscribers in UK, Ireland and selected European country’s. Access to Prime Video can also be found on Sky’s Now TV streaming service, meaning Prime Video could be set to grow eve bigger.

Author: Abraham Adebayo