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AC Milan launch in-house media production studios

Italian football giants AC Milan have launched an in-house media hub, which centralises the creation, production and distribution of the clubs audiovisual content.

AC Milan launch in-house media production studios

'The Studios: Milan Media House', as it has been named, has been designed to adapt to the ever-changing sports industry, which the Rossoneri recognises as "shifting more and more towards the entertaining sector".

The new studio has been in creation since the arrival of the new ownership in 2018, according to a statement from Milan and is located on the first floor of Casa Milan - AC Milan's headquarters within the city - and boasts a 1,000 square metres of space to allow for innovative production, creation and development of engaging content.

It is hoped that the studio will revolutionise the consumption of content for the over 500 million Milan fans across the globe by taking the club closer to them with the immersive experience.

Features of the studio includes three sets, which are directly connected with the press conference room, containing 4K cameras and LCD-LED displays. Operations are managed by one control room with seven workstations. Additionally, a there is a voice-over room for game commentary and the recording of podcasts

Third-parties will also be allowed to hire out the studios themselves, however, it will predominantly be used by the club to produce content for its various channels, including for the recent announcement of its Twitch channel.

"With The Studios: Milan Media House we are significantly increasing the production of multimedia content, both for traditional and more innovative platforms," started Lamberto Siega, the marketing and digital director at AC Milan who will take charge of the studios.

"The two pillars of the project are the flexibility of sets and the cutting-edge technology, which means spaces can be used also by our commercial partners and third parties - in addition to the Club's internal departments. In fact, besides the production of content, the studios are designed to host TownHalls, meetings with sponsors and teamworking events."

Author: Jake Wilkin