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A group of former rugby players have been placed on 'suicide watch'

Former rugby players in England and Wales who are suffering from the long-term effects of brain injuries have been placed "on suicide watch", according to a lawyer representing them.

The number, is said to be "worrying" by lawyer Richard Boardman and is understood to be in double figures.

Boardman is the lawyer representing nine former rugby players taking action against World Rugby, the RFU and the WRU for alleged negligence.

There are also said to be around an additional 150 more players showing symptoms and are interested in joining the action.

The original nine players are still pursuing their legal action with Boardman confirming that the two sides are still in the pre-action phase. A number of this group of players, not the nine involved in the initial case, whose mental health is so poor they have been put on suicide watch.

"Everyone is at the pre-action phase," said Boardman.

"We can't go into individual cases but there's a worrying number who are in a very bad way and need urgent clinical support."

Boardman also stated that there are dozens of former players in a bad way with considerable symptoms.

While there are no specifics on exactly how many players are suffering severe mental health issues, that number is understood to not be in the dozens.

Author: Jake Wilkin