Life Skills is an extension of PSN’s Player Care Network, that engages directly with young professional athletes to offer further support and provide them with other skills that can benefit them alongside their professional sports careers.

Life Skills consists of live educational workshops delivered directly to athletes at their training
grounds, interactive webinar sessions, Q&A’s with current and former athletes, and more.

With the primary focus of athletes to forge a professional career in their sport, Life Skills guides young athletes through their journey with one-to-one sessions with former players and world-renowned managers who offer their insights and expertise on what it takes to make it to the very top of the game.


In partnership with PSN, Knight Frank are providing the first ever opportunity for professional athletes to learn, grow and lead in an environment of endless possibility.

Knight Frank's Life Skills programme is designed to provide you with everything you need to confidently launch a dual-career in real estate and is unique in its structure that unifies both residential and commercial rotations. This gives you an unparalleled breadth of opportunities and allows you to explore a diverse range of projects.



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