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Opportunities for transitioning and former athletes 

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Exclusive platform for athletes who are looking to transition or have already transitioned out of their sporting career

The Athlete Alumni Network brings together former athletes from more than 40 different sports across five continents and provides resources that a transitioning athlete would require such as career opportunities, mentoring, education workshops and access to support services.


Education & Employability Workshops

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Join a variety of free workshops which deliver advice and guidance from industry experts across a range of career sectors.

Job Opportunities

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Receive the latest job opportunities both within and outside of sport; A variety of vacancies, development programmes, apprenticeships, and work experience opportunities.

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Get connected with a personal mentor who will be able to support you with the next steps of your career off the pitch.

Networking Events

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Secure your attendance to PSN's Professional Development Conference, career fairs, interactive webinars with high-profile guests, and private roundtable discussions.

Professional Qualifications

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Stay up to date with professional qualifications which are available for athletes to up-skill in a second career.

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Supplementary Resources

Gain access to our resources around topics such as fitness, nutrition & wellbeing, employability advice and exclusive content with athletes who have transition experience.

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The May Fair Hotel
Providing a career pathway for the next generation of Player Care and Team Operations Managers
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Are you an employer looking for highly talented individuals, with a wealth of skills and desirable attributes, to come and join your business for their dual or post-sport career? 

Professional sport equips athletes with a variety of skills which are necessary for promising careers within other industries. Ambition, resilience and competitiveness, often coupled with an ability to work alongside a team of diverse individuals, makes athletes the best candidates for maintaining your organisation at the highest level.

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